There are five teams which make up the Sealtite family:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Design
  • Production
  • Projects
  • Administration

We recruit from many backgrounds and aim to promote behaviour which is based on working well together and development.

We like to think that our employees are:

  • Committed to the overall objectives of the company and work towards achieving the objectives of the business plan.
  • Forthcoming with new ideas for the business as well as problem solving solutions.
  • Honest and loyal towards the business, its customers and its staff.
  • Motivated to develop in order to meet the business objectives and carry the business forward in the future.
  • Responsible with regard to health and safety, and to the environment.

Equality & Diversity

Sealtite Windows Limited has adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy which commits the company to fair, unbiased and objective employment practices and a work environment which is free from harassment and victimisation.